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How to Correct and Update BVN Details

Recently, I have discovered that some people are having issues with their Bank Verification Number (BVN) details submitted. This is why I have considered discussing this topic on how to correct and update BVN details.

What is BVN?

BVN means Bank Verification Number. It is a unique identity given to every citizen of Nigeria that owns or operates a bank account.
BVN registration is considered a necessity for account opening. Even if you open a bank account from channels that do not require that you visit the bank before given an account opening form, before you can make meaningful transactions from your account, you will be required to visit the bank to get your BVN registration done and linked to the account.
BVN database is secured. This assurance is given following an order made by the Central Bank of Nigeria to the public that only Commercial Banks are given access to the BVN database of their customers. Certainly, information submitted during BVN registration is not leaked out.
In case you would like to know how to check your BVN number from your mobile phone, kindly refer to this post.
However, if you have made any mistake during the registration of your Bank Verification Number or would like to how to correct and update BVN details and make necessary changes to it, you can now edit, update or change the BVN details entirely.
Documents Required for BVN Details Update
Birth certificate – for correction of Date of Birth.
Those changing or correcting details due to marriage should provide marriage certificate/affidavit as proof.
Corrections of name due to mis-spelling can be changed by presenting an international passport, national identity card or voter’s card showing the correct name.
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